Too expensive of a gift?

My 28 year old boyfriend had this female friend of 11 years and he wants to buy her a really expensive necklace for her bday because he said he has helped her out through a lot. And he told me exactly what that was. They never dated ot anything and the rest of their friendship seems completely platonic and i have no issues without but come on a freaking 200 dollar necklace for another women that isn't me or a female relative like his mom sister or someone seems like disrespectful to our relationship. I feel upset about it. I very calmly told him look i know she has been your friend for a while but can't you give her like a gift card or a more platonic gift as a thank you. I just feel like he is putting her ahead of my feelings his own gfs which i find odd. I have quite a few guy friends but i would be damned if they ever came ahead of my boyfriend and if i was interacting with them in a way that made my boyfriend uncomfortable i would absolutely put my bfs comfort first. Am i crazy for thinking Thats too much of a gift for a guy to give another women thats not his girlfriend or a female relative? Not that it matters but we have been going out for a year


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  • I have to agree with you. Its odd unless he's rich.


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