How do I get to be togheter this difficult girl that I'm talking to?

So I like this girl, which is a good friend of mine (or was) . We kissed at a friend's party for like 1h30m (although she was a bit tipsy) and then nothing. After that, we had a talking-pause for like 1 week, and then after I decided to call her out for a walk to straighten things up. In my stupidity, I said that 'it was just fun for me' , although in that night, she sat on my lap. It's been like 1 month since that, and we've continued talking a lot, geting to know each other, I actually called her for a walk 1 more time and again, she sat on my lap, but nothing (I say the part with sitting on lap because I would like to know if that means something or not. I'm pretty confused at the moment ^,^). And then, I kept inviting her for a movie, but she is kinda difficult, she was sick all that time, and couldn't , so we programmed it for today, tho It fell off because she had to go with her mother in another city. So I don't know if I should even try again after like 3-4 failures or just let it go. What would you do guys? And if yes, how?


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  • All I know is that she is at least sexually attracted to you.
    I think you should give it a try one last time.


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