How do I know if this girls likes me or not?

So I have this girl which I am talking to from like a month (although we know each other for like 1 year) and she is very shy , so by talking, I want to get her to open herself to me. It's going pretty well, since we had some long conversations , and she started to ask questions as well to see how I think in different situations. About 2-3 weeks ago I went with her out, and what happened is that she sat on my lap, but that's all. The same thing happened when i went with her for a walk another day. Now I called her for a movie at my place but she refused me like 4 times ( she was sick + today she had an unexpected trip to another city) . And I'm pretty confused. She gives no signs that she would like me, because she is very shy, although sometmes she can be kinda playfull. How do I know if she really likes me?


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  • You got to ask her straight up

    • Wouldn't I spoilt everything with that?

    • Maybe... But what if you told her you liked her and she does like you she's just been shy about it? You won't really know unless you ask or tell her how you feel. I liked my friend for the 2 years that i knew him and within those 2 years I told him him twice how I felt and I was rejected twice. And that's sad for me but at least now I know and I can stop worrying about it

    • Sorry it didn't work.. But thanks for encouragement tho. I guess that I will go for 1 or 2 more walks with her, see how things go, and then pop the question. Thank you! Have a good night :D

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