Girls, I'm 21 and look younger than I am, so how do I attract girls who are my own age?

I don't have trouble attracting girls, it's just that all of the girls I attract are teenagers. I was even "introduced" to a daughter of my mom's coworker, and it turns out that this girl is 16! I'm physically attracted to some of these younger girls, but dating them is a no-go for several reasons. I talked to a female friend, and she told me that I just look young, so that's why I attract younger girls. For a comparison, she told me that she and two of her friends were attracted to these guys who were almost 30 and looked pretty old to me. So how do I attract girls who are eligible for me to date given that girls typically prefer older guys?


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  • The only thing I can think of is to try and look a little older. Maybe try dressing a little older than you even are to counter balence your youthful appearance. Maybe try consulting someone on a hairstyle change that would flatter you but still make you look more your actual age or just older in general. Perhaps try getting a little stubble going, some girls like a rugged look lol but it should age your look a bit. I hope this helped and good luck!

  • First of all what is the youngest you would date? 18?

    • Sort of. Part of the problem is that I need to date someone who's at my college, because I live in a college town where most of the available girls are my age. I would hypothetically date younger, but it's hard to make that work for several reasons.