I told my boyfriend I was falling for him and I dont know if it was a mistake or not?

he's my first boyfriend and we dated for about a month before becoming official. so weve been seeing each other for 2 months. anyways i was lying on top of him resting my head above his heart (we were clothed), he was rubbing my back and would kiss my forehead every so often and i was so relaxed that it just came out and i said "im falling for you" and then i said "its okay if you're not" and then he said something along the lines of "he knows that i am but that we've only been official for a month now." he kissed me on the forehead and then the nose and moved my hair behind my ears and told me that i was adorable (not in the way a guy who isn't really into a girl says just to get laid). he's met my family and extended family and was over at my house for dinner that night and made stuff for dinner and bought wine for my parents so i know he really cares about me. he's also told me that he's crazy about me and really likes me. and then i said "i probably shouldn't have said that," and he said "its okay babe, dont worry about it," and i said "i just dont want to get hurt" and he said "i know babe" and then kissed my head again. did i make a mistake by saying it? he didn't back off afterwards or anything and i feel like i can see it in his eyes that he cares deeply about me, but i dont think i should have said it cuz i dont wanna make a fool out of myself



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  • No, the way he took it, it seems like it's okay that you said it. He obviously cares for you but a month is pretty short and he might not be fully ready to say it back but maybe somewhere down the line he will. He might not exactly be in that place yet. It will be okay. :)

    • i didn't say i love you though. i just said im starting to fall for you. isn't there a difference? im not ready to say i love you yet. but m so worried i made a fool of myself. weve dated for two months now and talk everyday and see each other every weekend. i also think it was cuz i was so relaxed and calm my mind kinda just wandered

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    • Oh so i'm guessing he wouldn't touch your butt or anything in public? That's okay some guys are like that. Maybe you can ease him into it. like happy medium, not too much pda but not none at all.
      My boyfriend like when we are at the mall or something will slap my butt and kiss me when there aren't many people around. It's like a secret but anybody could walk by and see. I kind of like it. it's not douchey it creates a spark :) anyways, good luck with your man :D

    • he does :P he loves ym butt. i also smack his all the time in public lol we are touchy feely but not uncomfortbale

  • I'm kind of confused honestly... why would you two be boyfriend/girlfriend if you weren't falling for each other? I won't agree to officially be a guy's girlfriend until I am falling for him/love him and until he feels the same way. (My current boyfriend who I've been with for over a year now and I were best friends for months before our feelings became love for each other.) This being said, you didn't mess anything up. Within a day, it'll just be in the past what you said. Maybe you are moving faster feelings-wise than him, but it doesn't mean that he is that far behind you. I do believe that he does care about you. Best of luck 😊

    • he does care about me a lot. for the holidays he hand made me a gift that was so incredibly thoughtful. like i melted and ya i agree with you on that first part. he would tell me things that we'd do on our third date after only going on our first date. he knew the minute he met me that he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. i know he's smitten about me but i also know he's not mushy like i am. im a total romantic and these feelings are all new to me and i dont want to get hurt again like i was with my sorta ex (who i told him about so he gets where my insecurities come from) but i do think im falling faster

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    • and i dont bring him up cuz its not worth it

    • Ok that's good then πŸ‘πŸ»