I can't seem to gauge his interest. Should I bother with him?

On Christmas Eve this guy messaged me on OkCupid, I thought he was cute and I replied to his message. We exchanged a few messages short messages , I was surprised how quickly he responded to me to be honest. 2 days later he asked if I wanted to exchange numbers. I thought why not since he seemed like a nice guy and he asked so politely (At the back of my mind I was hoping he wasn't a creep).

He texted me a couple hours later (it was a lot 10am) and said he wants to take me out for a drink sometime. I said I'm sure we can arrange something. We've just been having text conversations here and there, he tends to call me 'cutie' quite a bit.

He doesn't really say much, he responds really quickly sometimes and he asks questions back. When I texted him last night he said he was out and we could talk later (I thought he was fobbing me off), but he stuck to his word and messaged me a couple hours later.

Today he sent me a video of him playing an instrument and I just told him how awesome it sounded and that was that. I'm kind of nervous now I've seen a video of him (he's even more gorgeous than I originally thought) cos he might not like what he sees in person. I'm also worried we won't have anything to talk about him person since text conversations are not that great.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Wow he seems pretty great :) Hopefully he is the same in person!
    I know as girls we stress over stuff like that. I would too.
    But looking from the outside there is nothing to stress about.
    Guys don't say much as it is so don't worry about that.
    I am not the best with conversations, I constantly worry that I will say something stupid or not funny or won't have anything to say at all.
    But find when I think about different things I might want to bring up beforehand that really helps me. But luckily with the guy i'm dating even when it is silent it's not awkward. You will be fine, don't overthink it. When I think less my boyfriend is happier because when I overthink things he begins to worry if he did something wrong. Anyways, good luck :) I'm sure it will go well!


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  • Seems like you have the start of something... you sound interested so... pursue it.

    • Thanks. I followed up on going for drinks and he now says I can come over whenever I want (of course I won't do this) I don't know him well enough. I just find it strange that he is now suggesting this since we've never met.

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