What do you fear more about for a first date?

When you're meeting someone from a dating site or tinder for a first date, what do you worry about more?

For me, it depends on the situation. For example, if the girl i attractive but our conversations go nowhere then I'm worried more about if we're gonna run out of things to talk about and it's gonna be awkward.

If the girl is very talkative and has cute/decent pictures, makes me wonder if her pictures will be misleading or not. Not that I'm superficial, but I've had it happen where the girl has great pics and our convos flow well but then when I met her in person, she'd be a lot fatter or look nothing like her pictures and not be that attractive.

  • Lack of physical attraction (due to misleading pictures)
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  • Lack of things to talk about?
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  • Both Equally
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  • I went on a first date with a guy I met online. His pictures were nice. He told me they were unedited (he lied). He told me he was 5'7 and I thought that with me at 5'2, that was acceptable. He told me he was in good shape.

    I arrived to the location for the date. He approached me. He was NOT 5'7. He was shorter. He was NOT in good shape. He was in average - below average shape.

    The pictures he'd posted online were from his HS senior photo shoot. 3 years ago.

    He had told me they were recent and untouched.

    I tried to overlook these things (because I didn't want to appear shallow, but let's be real, he didn't deliver what he'd claimed so go ahead and hate me).

    And then he was a dullard. He had no personality. I attributed it to nervousness. We ordered drinks. His personality didn't get better. I tried all sorts of topics (school, work, friends, movies, books, favorite color, pets, etc.) and no dice.

    And it was obvious the date wasn't going well. He kept telling me how pretty I was and how I looked like my picture and then he gave me a present he said was "just something random" and this "random" thing was an emerald ring.

    So... there was a whole bunch of no happening. There wasn't a second date lol

    • No hatred here. I've been in your situation multiple times but with girls misleading about their weight and even their height one time. It's like the women will either take picture at angles, face shots only, or just outdated pictures where they've clearly changed then. Truth be told, I don't mind a girl with a little bit of a belly but a lot of times the girls will end up having a double chin, a huge beer gut or rolls and I don't;find that attractive.

      I just don't see the point in using misleading pictures. It's like you're not gonna be able to hide what you have in person if you plan on meeting someone and people will notice. That goes for both genders. I'm just listing my experience.

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