He's not texting me as much anymore?

So I've been dating this guy for exactly a month and we've gone on 5 dates. He's 22 and I'm 19 and we met on OkCupid.

He loves to hold my hand and cuddle and has told me he wants to wait a little while before having sex.

However, since the beginning he has never been a major texter but he would at least call me 1-2 x a week.
But, in the past couple of weeks he barely ever texts me except for the occasional "goodnight" maybe 1 or 2 a week

I called him today to ask him if anything was wrong and he seemed perfectly fine..

Is it normal for a guy you're dating to not text or contact you on general throughout the week until he wants to hang out?

P. s he invited me to his aunts cookie making party last week.. If that means something


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What Guys Said 1

  • It is common for a guy to not contact the girl throughout the week. There is a lot of reasons why. It could be that he does not have anything to say, ran out of ideas momentarily, busy with something, not feeling too well.

    I think there is nothing wrong at this moment. Keep in mind that relationships made in online dating is very fragile.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think your he just happens to be a guy who doesn't communicate very much in general. It seems as though he likes you from what you have described. Some guys communicate more than others. My boyfriend texts me every day but we haven't had a normal nice phone conversation since before we met in person. But he will say good morning every morning. And somedays we will text full conversations and others it will be very short. But I think he likes to communicate more whereas some guys just don't and it's just the way they are but it's nothing against you. Just try and talk to him about it. Good luck :)