Why is he smoking?

So my boyfriend is 27 very smart, educated has a great job.
But at times i mean guys do shitty things.
I mean my brother is a doctor and he has smoked spot..
and my boyfriend told me today that last week when i was gone visiting my brother for Christmas he went to his friends and this guy that was also with them smoked pot (he has some kind om sickness,.. torets or something and smokes pot ) and he offered some to the guys and my boyfriend smoked.. and didn't tell me that day because he didn't want me to think badly of him.. we have dated for 8 months now.,.

But he told me today and i thought it was stupid of him to do it..


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  • Because he likes how he feels when he smokes it.

    I used to smoke pretty regularly in the past and while I regret smoking to the extent that I did, I recognize that some level of usage helped me see things from a different perspective and to explore different philosophies.

    Also, some strains helped me focus in sports.


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  • Ok I am going to be honest with you, just because someone is successful doesn't mean they cannot smoke pot. Since you declared him to be an intellectual and an established man, I am sure he will have the common sense to smoke responsibly. I smoke pot at least once a year, especially when I am under a lot of stress. As long as he knows better to smoke pot occasionally and do not have it be considered his form of a "gateway drug" (drug that introduces people to other serious forms of drugs), he should be fine. He is going on thirty, let him take care of himself.

    • I totally agree, i do. If its not often its ok.. and its not and im glad he told me and didn't hide it right? But i am allowed to get worried since its my first boyfriend and i trust and love him.

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    • I kept myself very busy with friends, school etc going to the gym, traveling

    • I kept myself very busy with school and friends and traveling-gym etc

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  • Well because if he has before in his life even once, he knows the feeling he could feel that was a time to bond between the guys! And he didn't tell you because of exactly the way you're feeling right now

  • It could be for recreation, stress, or to fit in. Whatever the reason I'm sure there are plenty of better options then smoking a stupid substance.

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