Would it hurt me in a relationship because I need time to have sex because I am a virgin? And that having a genuine relationship is important to me?

I hear people say that women care more about love then sex, and that guys care more about love then sex? But I have always wanted a genuine relationship with a woman I love, with sex just being a small piece of that. At the age of 25 I have yet to have a real relationship with a woman because I am too shy to talk to beautiful woman, and I am afraid that being a virgin hurt my chances of finding a woman.
What do you think.


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  • Aweeee. Okay this is really cute.
    First thing, it doesn't matter that you're a virgin!!! Almost no one cares. What does matter though, is your shyness. That is something that should be worked on and then you will get a relationship :)
    Waiting is not the popular choice but that DOES NOT MATTER. If you want to wait, then do it.
    People don't understand how special it can be if you wait til you love the person. I've been on both ends, sorta.
    I was raped at age 16 by my ex. He knew more than anything I wanted to wait, and he ripped it from me.
    I went a little off the edge and had fwb's and all that, did stuff off the bat and blah blah.
    My current boyfriend and I do up to oral things, but have decided no intercourse til marriage because we both want it to be special. I remember when we first did sexual things. I knew I loved him, and it was so much better than anything could have been with those fwbs.
    Not that I judge anyone that doesn't wait, I've just found that it's a lot better for me to wait :)
    Don't let anyone pressure you to change your opinion. People might make fun of it, but thats probably because they lack the self control to do it themselves (its the people that DONT JUDGE and support YOUR damn decision that you should listen to, even if they don't wait). Stick to your guns, that's damn beautiful and I'm proud. 👌

    • Thank you for your advice. I'll try to focus on my shyness.
      It's good that you found someone better then your old boyfriend.

    • Lol hell yeah it is.
      Good luck 💕

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  • Chicks are lining up on this site to have you