How to be better with women?

Hi everyone! I am going to start my second quarter of college. My first quarter, I made many female friends and approached many women, but have had it rough. I failed 2 classes and am still a virgin. So, I have a few questions.

1. How to get better grades? I DO NOT want to fail out. I did study, and went out to restaurants. but not parties, as they were off campus and lacked a car.

2. How to flirt and develop my game? Being Indian is also a massive hindrance in a college with almost no Indian girls or Indian people in general (mostly Black, White, Latino, Asian).

3. How do I get a gf? I have been on a few spontaneous dates with girls in the dining hall. Or have hookups?

4. How can I be more athletic? No matter how much I hit the gym, I just gain slight muscle, not lose weight. Beign athletic is a must.

5. How can I expand my circle at a commuter school where almost no parties are on campus. i have no car to go to bars and clubs or off campus parties.


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