Help a guy who's a first timer out?

would it be ok to ask my best friend what she thought if we started dating or should I just tell her I like her and would like to date her but not jeopardize the friendship? She just now started asking me to refill her drink when we are at family dinner or get her more food. I just can't tell if it's because she likes me or not.


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  • You should just tell her that you're interested in her. Actually no.
    It's better not to tell her. Show her that you like her.

    • I pay for meals every time we go. We pick on each other sit. She punches me in the arm or pulls my arm hairs just for the fun of it. Recently she's asked me to get her drink refilled her grab her a dessert. I've hit her arm a few or just push her to the side when we are walking and she will kick me back. I'll walk past her rub my hand across her hair and say oops didn't see ya. She would hit my shoulder and say oops didn't see ya. What signs would she give back?
      What can I show her more that I like her more

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  • Be careful asking a friend about dating if you haven't gotten clear signs from them that they are interested. I asked a close friend (we had lived in a house together in college) about dating, and while at first she seemed receptive to the idea, she ended up changing her mind and our friendship ended up being pretty strained for a long time.

    If it is something you want to pursue, I would say your better bet would be to start getting a little flirty with her (compliment her looks, mix in appropriate flirty touches, etc.) and see how she responds. If she seems to like it and plays along, you're probably good to ask her. If she doesn't seem to like it or calls you out for acting differently, then back off and know she isn't interested in anything more. It'll save you some heartache and maybe a friendship.

    • We pick on each other a lot. She hits me all the time and I recently start fighting back or messing her hair up a bit. What else should I do differently?

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    • What do you mean by edgier?

    • Like start sprinkling in some innuendos, or go for the dirty interpretation of comments she makes and see how she responds.

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  • How about just asking her, "Hey, you ever think about us dating?"

    • We go to lunch together almost every day after work since we work together. How should I bring it up?

    • Maybe approach it like you feel everything is great when you are with her, you like spending time with her, you get along great with her, tell her it is hard to not have feelings for her since she is so wonderful. Then ask her if she has ever thought about you two dating.

    • Thanks for the help. I've been friends with her for about 3 years now

  • You should start being really flirty, she will quickly wonder "whats up with him, does he like me?" and you can quickly move to being more direct, like asking her what does she think about you two dating.

    Good luck brother!

    • We go out to eat a lot. We pick on each other a lot. She punches me, kicks, me or pulls my arm hair a lot. I actully started hitting her on the arm or messing her hair up a bit. What else should I do more to show her?

  • People on GAG always tell stories of openly asking their crush or their opposite-gendered friend what would happen if they dated. So APPARENTLY, it's normal. I've never heard of anyone in real life doing this though.