Guys, would it bother you?

I'm 18 and have never had a legit boyfriend. I've had things with guys but i always just kinda end it before it get serious because i get bored with them. I really want a relationship with the guy im talking to currently and thats where we are heading but im scared to tell him that he would be my first actual boyfriend. should i be worried? would that bother you if a girl my age told you that?


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  • It wouldn't bother me, but girls who lack experience tend to be very boring in bed, so it'd depend if I could be bothered really.

    • its not that im not experienced, i've just never had an official boyfriend.

    • Ah, I get you. Nah, you might just need to be relationship coached for the first part :p You learn from every relationship, I know it's a cliche but it's true. Sorry if that sounds patronising by the way, I don't mean it that way. I just think I'm a better person in a way after every horrible breakup! That's probably the most positive spin you can put on something in life.