Guys, Is my guy friend into me or just being friendly?

This guy friend of mine wanted to teach me how to do this one activity that he really likes. It was his idea and he seemed excited about teaching me so i said yes. We hung out for an hour and laughed a lot and he made fun of me a lot & teased me light heartedly. He was very patient & attentive in teaching me & was smiling a lot. After we were done, he kept saying "wow that was over an hour it didn't feel like it right? That didn't feel like an hour? that was a lot of fun right? joked & said "yea it didn't feel like an hour it felt like 5 hours haha" and he laughed but then later asked again and said "I had fun seriously did that feel like an hour? Time went by so fast. You got to admit Im pretty funny, no?" I laughed and agreed that he was funny and that yea the time went by really fast. He then said "Thank you, you're really funny too, especially when you did (insert random thing i said) and you know I feel really comfortable with you, you're the only one here I feel really comfortable with" Then he proceeded to help me pack up and he said "ok ill see you Tuesday in class!!"

Why did he care so much if I thought he was funny and does it mean anything that he kept repeating "how it didn't feel like an hour" ?


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  • What was this one thing that he wanted to teach you that took an hour?

    • It was a drum lesson

    • He had a good time hanging out with you and time flies when your are having fun! My vote is that he likes you in some way more than just friends! He was trying to impress you and get a compliment from you by asking if you think he is funny!

    • ! Yea I just thought it seemed unlike him to keep asking that. He's never done that before. Ok thank you!