Is it smart if I ever find a girlfriend to find out her favorite band and. Buy her a ticket?

And let her go with a friend I need help understanding if this would be a good move fyi people I don't have a girlfriend yet


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  • I can't give my girlfriend the world, but I can at least share it with her.

    Just enjoy your time together.

    • Use your money in a productive and moral way, and enjoy the rewards it brings.

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    • Neither do I.

      It would be nice, and if you have the opportunity and it isn't restricting you from more important priorities, it would be a good thing to do.

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  • You should get to know her first.
    "let her go with a friend "
    Oh... No. That's a terrible idea.


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  • I wouldn't waste my hard earned money on anything that doesn't involve somebody else and my girl. I'd concentrate on dating instead on girlfriend situations that aren't present yet. All the best mate

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