If im looking for a relationship?

Am I shit out of luck cause most girls just rather hookup nowadays then date cause people tell me I should but I'm not wired for that it's not in my DNA call me a nice guy or whatever you want I respect women and don't see them as sexual objects. I wish some of them would open their eyes and see their true value and that they deserve more


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  • I think it's unfair to say that "most girls just rather hookup nowadays than date". Sure, some girls are like that. Definitely. But some guys are like that, too. I think you're making too many generalizations based on a few cases. Just keep looking and don't give up yet. Eventually you'll find a girl who'll want to be in a serious relationship with you.

    • Yeah I won't settle cause I could careless about a trend

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    • Well really it's just made me bitter against women

    • Not all girls are like that. I promise

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