I told a guy I didn't want to be just a hook-up and instead of ending it all, he suggested friendship, this can't be genuine right?

So this guy (mid 30s) and I met (late 20s) and in that time we hooked up once. About two weeks after that, he tells me he started a relationship and I break off communication between us and wished him luck. Two months go by, I'm over it, he messages me out of the blue, I respond but not nearly as invested as the first time bc I'm still not sure about him.

Anyway so he invited me over one night, I said no, mostly bc i don't do that and bc I was home w my toddler (which he says he forgot I was a single mom) it didn't start well, so we text on and off and then he suggest I visit him sometime. I told him sure the follow it with a message about how I'm not interested in hooking up and need to be on the same page as him, he responds w a sad face and confirmed we were not on the same page. I'm ready to end this convo then he suggest being friends, I said sure, and then he goes on about our friendship and how he'll cook for me etc. I just go along w it sarcastically but he doesn't get it. I think I mentioned how maybe he'll help me figure out why guys just see me as a piece of meat lol and not relationship material! Guys like him!! He doesn't get it..

I'm thinking I might just ignore him from now on since he is now in my friend zone, thoughts? Is this something guys do?


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  • Guys do not give up easily. He's probably keeping his options open.

    • Yeah I think you're right, I'm thinking I'm not gonna answer his texts anymore. Thanks for your comment!

    • It's possible he just genuinely enjoys your company and wants to be friends whether you two are 'hooking up' or not. But more than likely he's just trying to keep one foot in the door in case the opportunity arises for him to get lucky.