Girls, Do you try to make Random guys you met, Jealous?

If so, what is the reason?


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  • No I don't. What could a girl even do to make a guy jealous? Especially a fucking random one? Lmfao

    • Thank u. Why do some girls tell a random guy they just meet , about guys who are hitting on them or guys they find attractive ?

    • I wouldn't know, I've never heard another girl do that and I've never done it myself. Maybe it's a way for her to get you to back off?

    • who knows !! Thanks for your opinion :)

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  • Not random guys, if I see that a guy is into me, I might test it by seeing how he reacts to other men seeing me as hot.

    • Thank u. If you see a guy is into you, do you test him because you like him or don't like him?

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    • okay, message me cause I can't see who you are

    • I have messaged you.

  • Naaah if you're a random guy idc about your jealousy

    • Thank u. So you just mention it casually to a random guy?