How do you think he feels about me? What should I do?

I'm a high school girl and I liked this guy since 6th grade. Our relationship is really complicated. He called me a stalker, he avoided me and blocked me on every social media possible but said he didn't hate me. He told people he considers me a friend and when my friend asked him if he liked my cupcakes ( I baked cupcakes and gave it to some cool ppl) and he said that I'm a baking goddess and he loves me rn. Also my friends always catch him looking at my butt or staring at me in class (I catch him staring sometimes). We don't talk much cause I'm really shy and he's more of the outgoing type but he's awkward around me. That's what he described to my best friend and if he talks to my best friend it's always about me. But he still spends more time with other girls and even posed with one who was like squating infront of his area and he was pointing down... It looked like she was doing something no girl our age should of. I'm not a outgoing girl so I don't know what to do. I'm not flirtacious so I can't flirt like other girls. I want to look naturally more attractive without make up since tbh make up is too much work for me to do everyday.


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  • You should wear a modest amount of make-up, to say it is too much work makes it sound like you are lazy - which I'm sure you are not. He sounds interested in you, staring at your butt etc is a good sign but tbh he was probably being polite about the cupcakes - boys don't want a baking goddess, they want a BJ queen. Be assertive, talk to him and build up a positive relationship, don't do anything you don't want to but at the same time let him know you are not an angel in waiting either.

  • If u don't tlk to him yourself he will probably think ur not interested or something and he most likely flirt with others even more

    • We talk sometimes but if we talk it's awkward and he only gets that way around me so I can't tell if he likes me or not

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