Am I crazy or is this more then FWB?

We have been friends now for about 10months and then friends with benefits for 6months. I have been studying abroad for the past 4 months and just got back. Anyways it's been a roller coaster. It started out amazing then we argued and ended things so I started seeing someone else and then right before I left he apologized and wanted to get back together except to focus more on being friends then having sex. I get abroad and for about the first month we didn't talk much and then the last three we talked at least once a week and would FaceTime each other. The last week before I came back and when I came back we talked constantly. During these times he told me that he "just wants me. Only me he swears" that he hopes I can stay over sometime because he enjoys being around me, that me likes me for me more then just the sex and other sweet things. We finally hung out and we just sort of cuddled and talked and then we made out and I gave him a bj but no sex. We cuddled and he figured out that I had sex with someone else while I was gone and was upset but understanding. Anyways the thing is that was 2 days ago and we haven't really talked since and that obviously makes me wonder why? I just need opinions on this relationship. Also I believe what he says to me, knowing him for as long as I have.


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  • I'd say he probably just needs some time and space to process the fact that you slept with another man. He should come around in a day or two.

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