Why does he cut conversation short or stop responding all of a sudden?

I recently started dating a guy and he's pretty cool. However I've picked up on something that he does which annoys me and worries me a little. Sometimes when we are talking about something, he will stop texting mid conversation or wish me a goodnight without acknowledging what I say. Usually the topic won't even be something that should be upsetting so I don't know if he gets busy or what. Sometimes if ) e stops texting during the day, he will come back and start talking about something else. I am already having some difficulty getting used to the way he texts since he texts very grammatically correct with barely any haha or lol so I usually end up feeling like he's mad at me or whatever. If any one can shed some light on why he says goodnight mid conversation etc, I would appreciate it a lot! Thank you :)


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  • Playing hard to get
    Doesn't want to spoil his prestige.
    Could be a serious person.
    Could be moody person
    Maybe he suck in texting and it takes so much effort for him that's why he pay attention to his grammar.
    He is busy or not interested.

    • My friends have said that since he's a medical school student, he's going to be a different texter than what I'm used to so I don't know. Maybe you're right with playing hard to get though? After our first date he told me that he's gonna be a dime a dozen and I'm going to lose interest in him really quick

    • Lose interest in him? hmm that's lame to say from a medical student.
      If he was a confident guy he might be using this as an excuse to show you that he is not good enough to be with you which lead me to my last point '' He is not interested ''.

  • He's not interested in you.

    • See I would agree with that but he talks about how he wants to be in a relationship with me and I'm usually the one who dodges that conversation because I'm not readyn

    • You both sound like dicks.

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  • He either gets bored or he is doing something else.