Am I the biggest hopeless romantic?

I need advice. So I've been on a couple dates with this great guy, he's cool. I can talk to him about anything and when we're out together he's affectionate/holds my hand. HOWEVER, I just feel like I've been here before, it doesn't feel any different. I've been here loads, where I'll date a guy, things seem great, he seems great then he replies less and wants to make plans every so often.
I'd love a guy who will just ask to see me without planning it in advance always, I'd love a guy who will text me good night/good morning sometimes, a guy who will ring me just to see how my day was, a guy who will make me feel like he actually wants to get to know me... Is that too much to ask am I being over the top?

Yeah that's true. I understand what you're saying. I'm from England, you?


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  • Well! In start don't make such a hard criteria.. I can suggest you one thing "whatever you want from a guy, give him all; and you will find him doing a lot for you".. It's very simple, instead of being so demanding, try giving what you want and you will get more in return.

    • Hey! Is it not so early that you made my opinion as MHO :D Well, thanks for it :) Feel free to ask if needs any details..

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    • Yes I am a native! :-). I've never visited Germany, would like to one day.

    • You are welcome here! In fact i would be glad to host you :)

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  • its good being a hopeless romantic. just sayan.

  • You're between 30-35, so it's about time you grew up.

    • I'm 20.

    • So you're an adult? Then it's about time you grew up.

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  • That's not too much to ask for. That's completely reasonable.