Girls why do girls act like this?

Dated all hs senior year. No sex since she claimed she was a virgin and wanted to wait. I hinted many times but she’d still say she won’t put out. She soon left to college so we broke up. I'd then see pix of her dirty dancing, sitting on dudes lap, drinking on facebook. A year later she moved back home because she missed everyone. She then one day calls me to grab food. We met up and began to kiss. I then asked if she dated anyone? She said nothing serious. I asked how far she got sexually and she wouldn't answer it (playing dumb). I re-asked and she covered her ears, started singing a song to avoid my question. I then admitted i only slept with one girl. She got mad & said “So just one huh hotshot”. She then dumped me.

Point is why didn't she wanna tell me? Other then it's none of my biz of course. It matters because she did pause us and now is trying to resume like nothing. I didn’t just meet this girl so it does matter.


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  • "she claimed she was a virgin"
    So... why don't you believe her? Why "claimed"?
    First of all, she can do what she wants. She has the right to change her mind and grow as a person when she leaves her high school years behind her. That's it. That's your answer.
    "She then dumped me", weren't you guys already broken up?
    So what, just because you see pics of her drinking and talking to guys doesn't mean she's sleeping around, but even if it does, it's her choice and you were broken up.
    You answered your own question, it's none of your business. She clearly see's you as something in her past.


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  • This is a duplicate. She said just one like she slept with more so just forget about her. None of that "but I'm love with her" bs too

    • i don't understand you answer

    • I meant GAG is probably gonna take down your post. Secondly, did you say "you slept with just one girl" to her. Because if you did, that means you think you could've slept with more and judging by her reaction she probably didn't sleep with any. Apologize to her and say you thought she didn't care about your relationship since your photos and say you were drunk or something.

    • when you slept with that girl

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  • You're asking her invasive questions that aren't your business. Why do you care? Why don't you believe the answer you're given? Why you worried about it?

    It's not really ladylike to tell your sexual business so whether I slept with 0 or 100 guys I would avoid the subject too. It's a little creepy you're so fixated on it. Like why does it matter? Just bc u dated her a year ago?


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  • I hate to break it to you, but women care only about themselves.