How much do you tell your best friends?

About crushes/romantic interests/problems with romantic interests/significnat others/and so on?

significant*** probably help if I could spell today :P


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  • I'm an old married lady, with zero point zero zero drama in my marriage. My marriage is, in all seriousness, exactly the image to which I masturbated from age 10 to age 25. Lalalalalala la la la la.

    So, the only gossip I have is about my kids. And my kids haven't gotten in a ton of trouble. Yet.

    And half my friends are nerdy men, anyway, who have no idea how to make small talk.

    So I guess... nothing? LOL.

    • Interesting, ya I expect that as we get more mature we don't discuss things with others, although that said we're all on this site :P

      Guess I am just wondering if people do this, as I've noticed a peculiar situation with a friend and I get the impression she's been talking about me based on the behaviour of her best friends.

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    • Ya, asker (me does), just curious to see what other people say as well

    • (: Not that I really care much, either way -- I didn't even look up what 'mho' was until you said that. I am mostly bingeing on this site while recharging my writing batteries -- I'm spending the holiday hanging around with sick family. But thank you!

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  • Oh man I share way too much with my closest friends, I really shouldn't but I just don't care about the consequences.

    But when a girl is playing games with your head - your squad can help you decipher what the fuck is really going on... especially my one buddy, it was as if he was a fortune teller because everything he said came true he was calling her moves before she made them (he had been in these type of situations before plenty of times so he has more experienced than me).

    So when things just kept getting worse and worse and everything he was foretelling came true it only made sense to ask what my play should be... he said the game is rigged and I'll lose all my chips at this table because the dealer is a cheater so I best leave - and that's what I did (I asked around and she was cheater).

    ***I think it's important to discuss certain things like this with your friends to help find solutions to your romantic woes BUT the one thing you got to be aware of as well is that your friends are always going to want to side with you so if you are discussing an argument you had with your SO they might just support you even if you are in the wrong... but my recent situation was different because it wasn't argument we had, she was playing mind games and fucking other guys... I'm glad I found that out before it was too late.


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  • Almost everything...

    • Okay, and what if things aren't working with your crush / significant other / romantic interest? Would you get your best friend to help?

    • Yes, definitely. And im sure she will be willing to help me out :)

  • I never talk to my friends about my crushes/romantic interests/problems with romantic interests.


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  • A lot :)
    I can be an open book

  • About 57% of the things happening to me. I keep to myself a lot.

    • Very precise answer :P Why do you do that? Seems the other people who answered so far are pretty open with their best friend

    • I lot of things that happen to me would really make pity me. I've don't want people to feel sorry for me

    • In crushes and stuff actually I tell them like 20% of that stuff. I meant in everything I tell them 57%