Should I be mad?

Im goung out with this boy and I honestly do love him he's so good to me and treats me like a princess. We text a lot and never go without a few hours talking. However the other day he went seven hours without texting or phoning and then apologized and said he had been with a friend. He couldn't see how distraught i was at the fact I didn't know where he was or if he was okay, I thought something may have happened him as this was completely out of the ordinary. I let it slide however and he then said brb I'm running outside and didn't text me back for the duration of that day (roughly 3 and a half hours) he text me this morning saying he didn't think he would be as long as he was and he was sorry and then just text 'morning' so I didn't reply. I figured that if I had to wait for a reply from him, he should have to do the same for me, see how he feels about being ignored and not receiving a reply to texts? I don't want to break up with him and have no doubt in my mind that he was with the guy friend, he wouldn't cheat but I reckon he deserves to know exactly how I felt at being ignored? Thoughts, thank you guys x


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  • You need to allow each other some freedom to do what you want without worrying about the other being resentful for not checking in every few minutes. This is not healthy.


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