Ever fell for someone you initially weren't attracted to?

This seems to be more common with women since they tend to love differently compared to men and I am especially interested in male perspectives here.
Guys, at some point in your lives... did you catch yourself falling for a woman you initially weren't attracted to? Like, did you ever reject a woman, then after some time, found yourself suddenly sucked in? If yes, what changed?
Like, did she suddenly lose weight?
Did she become prettier?
Has she done something so helpful and kind that you started falling for her?

How about the friends with benefits among you people. Ever fell for your lady fuck buddy? If yes, what made you change your mind?

I am just trying to figure out what these subtle (or grand) changes are that manage to shift out of usually dead-end (casual) relationship prognoses.

Yes, my questions come from a place of confusion and desperation, but I would still enjoy it immensly to read through your answers/anecdotes.


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  • This has happened to em so many times, especially because 'attraction' for me is a lot less physical. It's more about personality and intelligence. I have fallen hard for women who I didn't find physical attractive, when I got to know that they had really awesome personalities.

    I never made a move due to my fear of rejection, but that's beyond the scope of this question! :P

  • Yea I became friends with a pair of twins both had a boyfriend at the time. However one other became single and slowly I started to like her so I asked her out and now we're a couple.


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  • yeah hahaha actually it's happening to me now. He's a lovely asshole ❤️