The fun of dating went into the "conversation" and we both are on the same page but how do we get back to the fun?

I met this guy. Typical story. He texted all the time, pursued me. I had my wall up and after about a month started talking to him more and ended up seeing him. A few weeks later, we had sex and we were meeting up a lot. I met his close friends. Then one weekend, he just kind of started making excuses. And then they kept coming. So I asked. I don't want to waste my time but I also can say that I was upfront and told him I didn't want anything serious right away. I didn't get what all the weirdness was about. I just moved and just am looking to have fun and meet people. He said that he likes me and is having fun but doesn't want anything serious right now and doesn't want anyone to waste anyone's time. He had a pretty bad break up and quite honestly lives at home and doesn't have a job. We are both 33. Although I don't want anything serious, I don't want to keep going and end up getting feelings and getting hurt. He seems to have a hard time communicating. I want to go back to having fun and just relaxing but I feel like he has this in his head and now the fun is gone. Truth is, I enjoyed hanging out with him and his friends and being new to the area I don't want to lose that. How do we go back to just enjoying company and what "moves" or "lack thereof" can I make to get it back to the fun zone?


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  • if it is possible in your situation, it has to come naturally. u can't just force it. if it happens it will happen organically


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