Are Latinas legitimately interested in white guys?

My dating experiences and relationships have exclusively been with white girls. I've always been attracted to Latinas, though, and recently I had a friend try to fix me up with her Latina friend. She did it in a sneaky manner, like she asked me over to her place and didn't tell me this girl would be there.

The whole thing was a bit awkward, like it just felt forced and not natural at all. Afterwards, I asked my friend what the deal was. She admitted to trying to fix us up, and I asked her why she did it, like how did this girl come to be interested in me, given that we'd never met. My friend told me that her Latina friend just really wanted to meet a white guy, and white guys never approach her. That statement kind of confirmed what I'd always suspected, that most Latinas are into white guys only because they're into us as this stereotypical white guy rather than as individuals.


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  • I don't give a shit. No one gives a shit. People, stop asking these idiotic spammy questions that no one cares about.

    • You're not the post police, so fuck off. If you don't care, don't answer!

  • It depends on the girl. Why do people ask such subjective questions? *sigh* 😒