Old guy wanting sex?

months ago i met an old man online- we both sort of said we wanted a friends with benefits. At the time, I couldn't totally get with him b/c i had to get home i was in his hotel room. We've been seeing each other sometimes- every other week or twice a month, and have just fooled around but no intercourse. im a virgin too. Yes he wants sex, but he's 58 and im not sure if i want to have sex with him b/c of his attitude about it.

he'd come visit me, and i might say, well let's get something to eat- and he would be annoyed- he has money and even on our first date i didn't go to dinner. He took me to dinner once, but the way he acted about taking me to subway was annoying- he tried saying he had no money. I'm thinking funny he's trying to get sex off me and has gotten something, and can't even take me to subway, but will buy expensive concert tickets for friends. I feel he's just disrespectful and weird. I'm assuming he's trying to use me but he's acting as if im 'teasing' or using him. I was considering sex with him but now the way he acts im not sure i want to even lose my 'virginity' to some dumb ugly 58 year old weirdo who is desperate to get laid. I'm also young and really gorgeous and you'd think these weirdos would treat me like im pretty but they treat me worse than they treat their old female friends. He recently texted me saying he wants to make love to me, and have a child together. I'm thinking gross? Then he began saying that if i didn't have sex this time he'd be gone- my thoughts are, and im losing what? i sort of see him as a 'friend' in some ways but not really- i dont have many friends so maybe im open to any connections that's why. how can i handle a jerk like him- he said we'd meet up mon but didn text me, but he kept saying "SO SHOULD I BRING A CONDOM?" and keeps pressuring me but then didn't even message me.. then cancelled. how can someone handle someone like this...

i def dont want sex with him now- i dont mind hanging out and semi fooling around, but it seems he's disrespectful in how he treats me and now he's trying ot lead me on just to mess with me- maybe try to show me what it feels like, i duno. he keeps saying "so we'll have sex this time right- don't lie to me." i feel he's being manpulative and stupid too.. im not big on how to handle people so not sure what to say to him


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  • There is a great diversity on our species, and this sample of mankind makes the rest of us look better.

    You already know the answer to your question. You need to kick this guy to the curb. . . not because of his age, but because he is a monumental jerk!

    • oh ok... yes so true--why do these guys feel they can treat someone this way?
      also he feels entitled to sex off me, im not sure why

  • Just ignore him things will be alright after a while ! He seems to go around for free sex... Yes he a not worthy! just ignore don't reply to his calls or texts.. Or if you have the guts tell him frankly that you don't want to have sex with him. This might lead to few problems.. I d rather cut him off slowly keep postponing and answer his texts rarely.. he ll understand and back off!

    • I m feeling lonely shall we chat?

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    • oh yeah ur right- he cud def be a dangerous psychopath or use his situation to take advantage of me- you never know. its possible- i dont think he's at that level but he could be- also it is weird how he called me suddenly so yes he could be that way

    • so slowly ignore him don't do it suddenly

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  • You need to dump him.