Girls, The B*tch and The Sweetheart both like the guy that's flirting with me... What do I do?

Okay so me and the B*tch had a fallout in the begining of the year. And she is totally smitten with this guy... at first I as going to be like "yeah man I'll totally go out with you" untill my really good friend The Sweetheart confessed she liked him only bc another friend said they would be like perfect together... so as a friend I agreed but warned her of The B*tch.

What do I do if the Guy comes and asks me out... I mean I dont want to break the "Girl code" an say yes. but from what we talk about he's matching up to what I'm looking for in a guy - like to the tee. HE even playes Baseball.


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  • Talk to your friend about it, like have a heart to heart with her and lay it all out on the table. But if he asks you, go for it and do what makes you happy.

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