Is it possible to have a relationship with a guy who lives across the country from you?

I have a friend I met over the summer who I've had a crush on, but over the summer he had a girlfriend. I recently started texting him a lot and he no longer has a girlfriend, but he lives really far away from me. I think I'm falling for him, but I don't know if this is completely crazy and unrealistic!


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  • Yeah its possible, if you both have the money to travel and if you can exercise patience (alot!)... there's the biggie of 'can you trust him' a good indicator would be his facebook in this regard. If you've got a connection and he feels it too, why not?


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  • yes if him is into you and you can going for it in your relationship in difference

    • The long distance is hard and if you want to be in a long distance you have to get use to it