Had sex then whole week after kept taking pill at irregular times or next day? Possible pregnancy?

So I had sex on one day, taken the pill pretty consistantly before that, but I've just noticed that since that day i've been pretty bad about taking it at the same time. like one day i'll take it at 8 and another day i'll take it at 10 or midnight. or sometimes in the morning if i really forget. Since I've heard sperm can live in you for up to around a week is it possible this inconsitancy could cause pregnancy?

I might just be paranoid but this past week and half i've also felt extremely bloated all the time, even when I wake up after 12 hours of sleeping and not eating. usually I feel light and thin in the mornings no matter what i eat the night before. I've been getting dizzy and nauseas at random points in the day, and still been overly hungry, been overly tired even after nights where I sleep 12 or 13 hours like i'll get super exhasuted 3 hours later, and lastly i've been getting super vivid dreams.

so are these just me pms-ing cause I'm also supposed to get my period soon, but like honestly I've never had pms-ing too bad. something just feels off, but again this could just be cause i'm being paranoid and my mind is tricking me.


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  • How long have you been taking the pill and when was the sex your referring too?

    • taking it for about 3 months. And I had sex on the 16th of December, but the week directly after was inconstant

    • I think you'll be ok but if your period doesn't come on time. Get the morning after pill its not pleasant but will make sure your not pregnant.
      Please try to take your pill regularly its so important. I hope your ok and remember this anxious time to help remind you to take it.

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