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I have a boyfriend for 3 months to date of this Friday.we recently broke up and patch back 1 week ago. Things changed,he became colder to me and didn't meet up with me. He's been busy hanging out with his friends,giving a b day surprise to 1 of my best friend.gosh, I feel damn hurt. And I've been telling my problems to my random guy friend whom I've known for 3 years and he asked me out for a fling date with no hard feelings. What should I do.


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  • Sounds like your boyfriend is still feeling hurt or angry about whatever you broke up over. He's probably doubting your love. I would recommend doing something nice for him to show him that A) You care about him. and B) that even though he's been acting weird, you still love him and want things to get better.

    I would highly recommend not going out on the fling date unless you like this random guy and could possibly want a relationship with him. But I do know that if my girlfriend went out on a date with some guy, it wouldn't make me want her back, it would just make me feel more hurt and probably want to break up. I don't think that's really what you want here or you wouldn't have posted.

    hope this helps!


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