Girls, Why do you suddenly say about a "Boyfriend" when having a conversation with a random guy?

What runs in your mind?


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  • Most of the time, it's because he's an important part of my life, I life with him, spend most of my time with him so I easily mention him.

    Rarely, it's because the guy hit on me and I want it to stop. It might seem stupid to some men but one time at a festival, I had been talking to this guy for twenty minutes. I randomly mentioned my boyfriend and like that, the guy was gone. So now, I'd rather say it not to deal with stuff like that.

    • Thanks :)) Did you find the guy you talked for twenty minutes with, "Hot" ?

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    • Probably yes but to be fair, I'm difficult when it comes to men. I'm way too in love with my boyfriend. And the rare time, I'm physically attracted to another man. I just don't go talk to them. I would just avoid the guy

    • that's cool !!