Do you think that I have been played by him?

I am an average looking person , but was quite popular in school due to being a topper of my class. And people liked me.
So there was this guy. I liked him. he was the most handsome guy in our class. but i was going through some anxiety and depression in my last year of school so i never persuaded him. but yes, i admired him from far.
After about one year he approached me. He asked me in a friendly way why i was depressed those days. He asked me about my issues. And since i liked him i slowly opened up to him. He used to listen intently and help me. I felt for some unknown reasons, he was attracted to me. (I m not very pretty.)
After a few days he himself came up to my seat (and out of the blue) sat with me through the entire day. we talked a lot that day.
he showed genuine care and concern for me afterwards also. he also asked for my mobile number first.
But then as i began recovering, he began drifting away from me. There was a girl in our class who didn't like our friendship and she also liked him. He was her friend also. i used to text him first. He would reply but never initiate the conversations. Then soon with great difficulties i also cut him off from my life.
i am moving on from him now. But it feels like i was being used by him. As a girl to have fun with. In the later stages of friendship, as someone who could massage his ego -that a girl liked him so much.
Are all the good looking guys players or is it a myth? Do you think he was ever interested in me?
why do i feel this way? Pls advice. Any help is appreciated.

  • yes i was played by him
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  • no. just my negative thinking thats telling me so. he was just being a friend to someone who had a crush on him.
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  • I get the feeling you playin the victim card here. Why should he has played you? he didn't use you for sex nor did he told you that he loves you. Maybe he was just friendly. with you because you are a. cute girl? If he was intressted i don't know but obvisouly he was intressted to have a friendship with you.


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