Why did he change in an instant when I went away on break?

Before my winter break started the first month of our relationship was perfect, he would tell me all the time he liked me, we had amazing sex, we would have fun and hang out lots, he would intitiate texting me literally everyday and he would tell me that he doesn't plan on leaving any time soon or hurting me any time soon. Literally 4 days after I leave for winter break, he starts saying we rushed into things and we should withdraw from sex and take things really slow. so much as to start as friends first.

He broke up with me until i talked to him. Finally after lots of asking he admits the reason he broke up was because before we had started dating I flirted with other guys and kissed his friend and he was worried when I get drunk that i'd repeat this. Once I assured him that this was different situation because we weren't even dating at that point. then he seemed to understand and he agreed we could try again. but this is when he said he wanted to just start as friends so we can really get to know each other? But wtf happened in such a short time. I understand in long term relationships people change and grow apart. but this literally happend in like 4 days!!! And now we haven't talked for the past two days (which is so different cause he's usually the one who can't resist texitng me everyday about soemthing)
What do I do?
Is he a hopeless cause? cause I really like him and before this dumb break we were perfect!! And I don't even get off break for 3 more weeks so it's not like i can see him in person to talk.
Is it possible that because i'm away for a month, it's easier for him to disconnect and forget why he liked me in the first place. so now he's just overthinking things and doubting thigns. Cause i'm pretty sure things would be different if we just had the chance to see each other in person! And he would regret or never treat me how he is now. Cause he's not a mean, manipulative kind of person to just string me along or use me


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  • There's always going to be issues because of your making out with his friend. Might as well move on.