Girls, What do you think?

Girls, What do you think?
Ladies would you hit on me?

  • good looking?
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I'm a Girl
I don't know why there's so many no's
I'm not a bad looking guy. This is suppose to help me build my confidence.
It would be nice to have some girls says that I'm hot and cute. Once in a while


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's not that you're bad looking or good looking in this case. It's that I'm really distracted by your haircut and angle choice in this picture.

    • Like what angle is good.
      And if you don't like my hair will every female think the same?

    • An angle that helps you look like you're not in denial about hair loss.

      Do I look like every woman in the world? No. So how would I know what every woman thinks?