GUYS! what could this mean?

So this guy I used to go to this Saturday activity type of thing doesn't remember me but I do, I followed him and unfollowed him on Instagram to see what would happen, he follows me and I follow him for the second time, I messaged him and we started talking so far, do you think I caught his attention and that's the reason why he followed me? do you think that if I wouldn'tve caught his attention he wouldn't followed me or am I just thinking too much, GUYS what could this mean?

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  • I think you just thinking too much, it could be one or multiple things you said, or the fact that you followed him.

  • don't hurt yourself thinking too hard.

  • You're overthinking it! Why not just ask him? He could have followed you back because he thinks you're cute, or simply because he wanted to be nice and follow back.


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