Men are driving me nuts.. Why so complicated?

Hey guys!

So I've been talking to this guy that I like A LOT and I also have a feeling that he likes me too, we do flirt a bit but we mostly talk about work friends and stuff, so after he took my number 3 days ago he talked to me twice first day he started the convo 2nd day he did start the convo too just when I lost hope that he'll talk to me today (exactly at 11:48PM) but from the way he was talking he was a bit formal then he became nice and in the middle of our conversation he asked me to give him some time he came back an hour later apologizing (without explaining) then we continued talking for a bit and again and all of a sudden he's like it's almost 2 am now gotta go to bed.

and I haven't heard from him today.. Can anyone tell me what could be in his head

He seemed very excited to have my number as first time we ever met was a couple of years ago and we lost trace of each other until we finally found each other again!


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  • Maybe he has a life and has things to do. Maybe he doesn't. I don't know.


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