Do you remember your first rejection for a date?

And if you do, what was it like? How bad did it affect you?

I ask because exactly twelve years ago today, on December 29th, 2003, I was rejected for the first time in my life. I was 13 years old, in the seventh grade, and it was really nervous lol.

Anyway, this was back before Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc existed. MySpace has just emerged and many people at this age didn't have an account. Texting was scarce-Especially as a young teen. So, I did it the old fashioned way-Through the telephone!

My best friend at the time told me there was this girl at a local Catholic elementary. He told me she was an EIGHTH GRADER! This was such an upgrade! So, he gave me her number and I decided to wait for Christmas Break (from school). I grabbed my parents' house telephone and gave her a call. She answered and I said "Hello, my name is Blake and I'm asking you out for a date." She hung up without saying anything else.

I laugh at myself. How can I be so naive to think randomly calling and asking a girl I've never talked to in my life would work?

At the time, I was very mad. I remember being so angry at my friend.

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  • No, I don't remember my first rejection for a date.
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  • I've never been rejected, because I've never asked anyone out.
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  • I've never been rejected, because I have a perfect streak so far (Everyone I've asked out has said "Yes").
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@SensualScribe What a sad story! I know high school guys are narrow-minded when it comes to overweight women.

@Joshua2332 This story reminded me of something I would do lol.


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  • Aww, that is kind of cute! Not that you were rejected, but that you just decided to ask her out without even having met her. Definitely something that a teenage boy would do!

    I do remember my first rejection. I do not remember the date, but I was a freshman in high school and had a big crush on my science partner. I asked him out one day after the bell rang and he gave me his number so that we could set something up. So, everything seemed to be going well. I had high hopes. He had not initially rejected me. When I called him the first time, he said that he had plans, so I decided to try again the next weekend and I heard laughing in the background. I knew his friends were making fun of him because I was the biggest girl in our class... nobody wants to date the fat chick in high school, even if they do actually like her. We did end up setting up a date for the next night. We were supposed to meet at the movie theater. My dad dropped me off that night about half an hour early. I waited... and waited... and waited... and he never showed up. Thankfully, it was towards the end of the year, so I did not have to deal with the awkward rejection for very much longer. What is sad was he and I got along great, made each other laugh and I do think he did like me. He was just embarrassed to be seen with me. I didn't let the rejection stop me from asking anyone else out. His loss.


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  • Hahaha that is funny you remember the exact date. I know it was sixth grade so I was 12 and in middle school we were separated into "teams" where everyone took the same classes, but with different teachers. My locker was literally right next to my crush's locker and you know the whole thing choking up and acting weird around her. Obviously I told my friends who told her and one time at lunch, I just got up where I sat and sat across from her and said I like you. She responded with well this is weird. She turned out to be a psychopath though. I've gotten so much better with women I just cringe at the way I would handle it before.

    • I tend to remember almost everything for some reason, especially when it was something I did the first time in my life.

      Your story sounds like a typical sixth grade "rookie" mistake. How did she turn out to be a psychopath?

    • She was just one of those girls that turned crazy hahahaha. I'm sure you know what I'm talkabout. bout

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  • No, I don't remember. If anything, I was just ghosted.


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  • Valentine's day my senior year of high school... went bowling with my female friend and gave her a "Be mine" bear and asked her out afterwards. She said no, which sucked. Then she specifically called me to let me know when she was starting to see someone else later that year, which hurt way worse (she had done it to be nice so I didn't hear from someone else). Ultimately we ended up kind of dating the summer before college, before going our separate ways to school.

  • Technically speaking I only ever asked out two girls when I was a teenager. The first one I asked out in front of everyone after being pressured to (when I was 13), but I was rejected (I knew I was going to be anyway). I don't really count that at all.

    The second time I half-seriously and jokingly asked a girl who sat next to me in class to prom in high school, but again I knew I was going to be rejected anyway so I don't really count it either.

    The time I truly felt rejection for the first time was when I was 21 and in university. I'd been talking to a girl on and off for a semester. We clicked, she was a good person, the kind of person I could see myself dating. She was definitely (from my point of view) giving subtle but noticeable signals. When I finally made my move, she said in no uncertain terms that she wasn't interested in me in that way. After it was over and done with it wasn't really that bad, she was nice about it. However, the experience did sort of distort my perception of dating in a bad way.

  • It wasn't a date I was in the eighth grade and I asked this girl if she would be my girlfriend when she was at her locker. She lowered her head and shook it no

  • Yes it was in kindergarten I said ur pretty and she said no I like nate and then me and nate were sworn enemies because he took her it was the second week of school

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats so cute and funny good memories though

  • Of course I remember it was the only time I've ever asked a girl out. It wasn't great. I kind of wish they had just been honest and said no. Would have saved me so much anxiety and humiliation.