What's your in shower routine?

Mine is ;

get in
wet body
shampoo hair ( every other day )
condition hair & comb it
tie it up
use dove soap and a wash cloth - wash body
wash face w/ neutrogena soap
use exfoliate on back & shoulders
shave ( when needed )


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  • I don't do as much as that but I get wet first or soap won't lather then wash hair , rinse everything then go dry off


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  • Put clean clothes on rack next to shower.
    Set up music listening device far away from outlet or water.
    Turn water on.
    Get undressed.
    Put dirty clothes in a basket in the corner.
    Test water. If warm step inside.
    Wash hands thoroughly.
    Put washing gloves on. (Exfoliating material.)
    Wash face throughly.
    Wash body thoroughly.
    Wash hair several times.
    Stand under shower let hair fully rinse.
    Rinse shame off body while brushing teeth for a few minutes.
    Put conditioner in.
    Stand under shower without letting my head get wet to keep conditioner in.
    Shave legs arm pits if necessary.
    Wash undercarriage with washing gloves for a few minutes.
    Wash washing gloves throughly with soap.
    Rinse hands throughly so i do not get soap in my already wasted hair bc its a pain to get out.
    Rinse conditioner out of hair- thoroughly, so it does not frizz.
    Rinse conditioner off of body so it does not itch.
    Wash feet.
    Wash body again.
    Wash face again.
    Wash hands throughly.
    Rinse bottoms of feet off before stepping out of shower.
    Step on dry towel on top of floor mat.
    Wrap towel. Dry off. Put deodorant on.
    Put bra on.
    Put under wear on.
    Get dressed.
    Put body spray on.
    Brush hair.
    Put skin cream on.
    Put up moisturizer on.
    Put socks on dry feet.
    Put boots on.
    Fold and hang up towel.
    Pick up clothes put them in hamper.

    • Open window or door and stick my head out bc im usually really hot by then:)

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    • Great routine ! :) how long do your showers typically last?

    • hmm, from the time i go in to the time i get out from 15 minutes to an hour depending on if im in a hurry. i always do the same thing but speed changes.. i can do 3 minutes in the shower itself, if i really need to as long as i keep checking my watch. But that doesn't include getting dressed. I think getting dressed takes a bit longer with 3 minute showers -not just relatively- I think bc its as if my body didn't have enough time to process everything so im still like 'ok now im getting dressed' and i have to pay attention. ... its weird ;p

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  • Poop (not in the shower lol) while shower is warming up
    Get in the shower
    Stand there with my upper back/neck under the hot water for a while
    Get hair wet
    Stand there with head and neck under hot water for a while again
    Pee (yes, in the shower. it feels good haha)
    Stand there some more
    Put shampoo in hair
    Scrub face and neck
    Rinse shampoo
    Rinse face/neck
    Put in conditioner
    Lather up loofa and clean body in this order: arm pits, arms, chest, stomach, back, legs, butt/inner thighs, feet.
    Rinse body
    Rinse conditioner
    Stand there for a while longer

  • -wet body
    -shave if need be
    -use body wash with loofah
    -use shampoo/conditioner on my hair
    -use facial scrub for my face
    -brush teeth