I like a older guy?

I'm 15 he's 16
next year he's 17 June and I'm 16 December but my mum and his mum are mates so would b a bit weird we was talking before but my mum found out and went and had a go and we stopped I popped out up to him and we was having a chat obviously he said we have to wait till I'm 16 to start talking and I just wanna no if this is a good idea

The problem is my step dad said the age isn't the problem it's he's out of school unemployed and does drugs


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  • I'm dating a 20 yr old girl and I'm 18yrs old.


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  • Um... I think your old enough for a bf! But again too young! Its complicated! See the way I see is as long as your around the same age and have some sort of protection it all good!

    • But if my mama were here she would say something like sex until marriage!

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    • Tried that mum went on my phone

    • i dunno is he really that important!

  • he is only a year older then you that's not to bad at all, I dated senior guys in high school when I was a freshman.