Did I act right and what did she really mean?

A couple weeks ago a girl im real good friends with told me she knows i dont like her as a women and she doesn't like me as a man. She also said we shouldn't keep hanging around so people wouldn't start making rumors about us (She is older than me and she thinks there's a stigma about that). But that didn't last long she keeps agreeing to hangout and asking me to hang out with her. A couple of days ago she asked me what my feelings towards her were. I told her i saw her as friend because i didn't want her to know my true feelings yet and she just said hanging out a lot makes feelings grow and she didn't want one of us to get hurt. Did i do the right thing? And what do you think she feels?


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  • I think you should have told her your true feelings, because sounds like to me you both don't want to admit them.

    • The thing i was scared of is losing my fiendship with her.

  • Be honest. If she doesn't want the same you need to move on.


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