Does he like me now/is he developing feelings?

So this guy and I have been talking online for the past week (we live in the same area and he's an alumni of my high school). I'm a senior, he's a sophomore at a local college. Initially, we scheduled a hangout for today, and I told him I was interested in him but he said I should know he's not looking for a relationship right now. Plus he'd feel bad because he's not innocent nor conservative.
But as we started talking more, he asked me to come over to his house to hangout at night and watch a movie twice. He also randomly told me "tbh you're pretty cute haha." The thing is, we met up for coffee today and at first he seemed pretty chill but not completely into it. He then drove me to a park 20 minutes away, and we walked around the lake and stuff. I almost slipped and fell and he held my left hand then intertwined our fingers to pull me up from the ground (but intertwining our fingers was so unecessary since it was just pulling me up). We didn't hold hands after that though. Then he asked me how I was going to get home since my dad isn't home and how I'm making him feel bad and stuff (he apparently had to go home to do some chores his parents have been bugging him about). So he decided to pull over in a parking lot so I could call my dad (his car is too loud for phone calls) and then he SUDDENLY changes his mind and says he's too lazy to go home. Then we just sat in his car talking for like 50 minutes about deep stuff and getting to know each other more. We made a lot of eye contact but whenever it was getting intense, I looked away haha.

All of a sudden, he said "I want to kiss you right now. But I don't want to be the mediator/person who becomes a bad influence on you."

He ended up not kissing me because I never gave him a direct answer that he could but he kept glancing at me. Then when he dropped me off at home, and when HE got home, he texted me first and said he "had fun!" and he just texted me first again after eating dinner with his friends. The thing is, he had dinner with his friends tonight and he invited a random guy friend (who's my age) when we encountered him in the street but he didn't invite me to dinner. He also didn't treat it as a date (since initially I wanted to go somewhere else but he told me it sounded like I was trying to get him to take me out a date). So is he starting to develop feelings for me? Since it wasn't supposed to be a date, why did he want to kiss me?

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  • Ask him if he likes you.