Was I played by him or not?

I am an average looking person , but was quite popular in school due to being a topper of my class.
So there was this guy. I liked him. he was the most handsome guy in our class. but i was going through some anxiety and depression in my last year of school so i never persuaded him. but yes, i admired him from far.
After about one year he approached me. He asked me in a friendly way why i was depressed those days. He asked me about my issues. And since i liked him i slowly opened up to him. He used to listen intently and help me. I felt for some unknown reasons, he was attracted to me. (I m not very pretty.)
After a few days he himself came up to my seat (and out of the blue) sat with me through the entire day. we talked a lot that day.
he showed genuine care and concern for me afterwards also. he also asked for my mobile number first.
But then as i began recovering, he began drifting away from me. There was a girl in our class who didn't like our friendship and she also liked him. He was her friend also. i used to text him first. He would reply but never initiate the conversations. Then soon with great difficulties i also cut him off from my life.
i am moving on from him now. But it feels like i was being used by him. As a girl to have fun with. In the later stages of friendship, as someone who could massage his ego -that a girl liked him so much.
Are all the good looking guys players or is it a myth? Do you think he was ever interested in me?
why do i feel this way? Pls advice. Any help is appreciated. thankyou in advance.

  • Yes i have been played by him.
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  • No. Its just my negative thinking. He was just a friend to someone who had a crush on him
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  • No I don't think he played you. If he played you he would had tried to have sex with you then dumped you. He wasn't even trying to pursue you like a player type would. I think that girl had a lot to do with you and him friendship. She was very jealous and manipulative.


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  • How the hell did he play you? The guy was worrying for you. He gave you a shoulder to cry on and an ear for your story and that's how you repay him? How ungrateful !
    We don't feel the need to "fuck" every girl we talk to you know? We sure like sex, but we are not dogs. Lending ear to a girl's plight does not automatically mean we are interested in a relationship with her. How about you missed your chance to act on your feelings? That sounds much more like it to me. Girls really need to drop the "he used me" act and look at themselves in the mirror. It's insulting to a whole gender. It's making us responsible for your own shortcomings. It's unacceptable.

    • Take it Easy @juicybrain. I agree with you. i was just confused at that time, as i am trying to move on from him. And unfortunately this question was written in a very sensitive and insecure moment.

    • And I am not ungrateful. I have also done a lot for him after that. He was the one who finally blew me and our friendship.

    • I was not nearly as offended as it looks like rereading myself. I just don't like it when girls say they were used like they were innocent defenseless creatures. You gals can decide for yourself and take decisions in life. Stop acting like victims. Take the blame for your own bad decisions. If you are used, then you have let yourself be used. It may not necessarily apply to you, but I have read many cases here saying they were "used".
      I am sorry you felt bad, I really am. You liked him and it didn't pan out. Everybody here has pretty much the same story, so you are not alone...

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