Guys, would you go out with a girl again if she let you sleep with her on the first date?

  • Yes, but only to get another one night stand
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  • Yes, I see no issue with first date sex
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  • no.
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  • It'd be a dream if that happened.


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  • It's not only up to the woman but the man too, it would be a double standard and sometimes yes people do get ahead of themselves.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It depends on her understanding of the relationship me and her have... if I have sex with you in the first date, I'm not looking to pursue you as a wife... if you can deal with that we can still chill

    • Why exactly would you say you're not pursuing her as a wife just because you slept together on the first date? Do you have a policy against a serious relationship with someone you slept with early on?

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    • So what if you do know them, and you just haven't been dating? Say this isn't the first time you've met, and you've been communicating a while, and when you go on a date you sleep with them. Does that change the situation?

    • Yes it does, I would have built a repor with her and her with me. I still wouldn't be ready to commit but I wouldn't hold the sex against her.

What Girls Said 1

  • If somebody is sharing their bodies with somebody they hardly know, what does that say about them? as a woman, you will be judged more for it, and with that knowledge, respect yourself more and make them earn you.

    • Do you think the situation changes if you've known the person for a long time before you went on a date?

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