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She says we make too much sense together, that I'm too perfect, what do I do?

I have had feelings for this girl since my freshman year in high school. We've always She dated the same guy through high school. Then this past summer they broke up and we got close while she was on the road touring the country performing. She comes home and we start to hangout but she started school and we didn't see each other that much but my feelings were as strong as ever. Then I had to move to Arizona and had to leave her behind. But I got to spend my whole last day with her and her mom and it was amazing! Her mom used to teach music at my high school so we knew each other but never talked since I wasn't in her class. We hit it off immediately! We talked for hours, it was a dream come true. I ended up admitting my feelings finally to her that night before I left and she said she was so glad i told her because she always wanted to know how I felt about her. Needless to say I wasn't expecting a relationship at that point since I was moving the next day and that is not how I wanted to start our relationship. So we agree to take time, grow, and see where it goes. I come home for the first time since moving in the summer. Partially to see her on her b-day (today... 12-29) and for the holidays. We get to hang out for a couple hours and it was great! We had so much fun together just hanging and talking at her place. It feels so right! By the end of the night our relationship and where it stood came back up in discussion and she told me "This isn't going to make sense, but you're too perfect. We would make too much sense together. I want to date someone completely opposite of me. I can't explain it." WHAT? I spend years trying to just make her happy and be there and at the end of all that I get told I did too good of a job? What does that mean? What do I do?
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She says we make too much sense together, that I'm too perfect, what do I do?
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