When and how to ask the guy you're dating what you are?

I have been dating this guy (22) for the past 5 weeks (I'm 19 btw).
We get along really well and he seems to like me by how much he hugs me and holds my hand. He even invited me to his aunts Christmas cookie party last week.

We always joke around about just being "friends" and I know he isn't dating anyone else...
He even wants to wait a little bit long before having sex!

I know he likes me but sometimes I wonder if I like him more.
I just don't want to put all my effort into nothing..
I DONT want to define the relationship necessarily but I want to ask him whether we are just friends who make out every now and then? Or whether we are maybe something a little bit more?

Should I ask him that next week when I see him? Or should I wait?

Or should I wait to ask him when we hit 2 months?


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  • Ask him where he thinks you are and where he wants it to go. You can ask anytime


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  • I think you should wait it out a little honestly, guys are the type of guys to act all sorts of ways (loving wise) but then don't understand why girls catch feelings. just go with the flow as of now and see how things go, remember never show your full emotions until things are all out on the table (or something along those lines).
    Keep in mind that feelings can also taint a friendship! Wish you the best girl xo


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  • Simply ask him "hey I was asked out recently and I'm just wondering what I should tell him" see what he says.

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