What does dating men to you? Someone says they want to date.. What automatically springs to mind? Everything and anything?

I feel like dating is a very nebulous term and i worry about saying im interested in dating bc the guy will assume im interested in more than im ready for. So i prefer to be friends first, but this gets taken the wrong way-as a rejection -often.. So im not sure what to do. And its not like i want to have an in depth discussion about it with someone im still trying to get to know.

How do you date at your pace, without getting too deep into talking about it in the beginning stages?

How do i try friendshp without making the guy feel rejected?

Is casual dating more like friendship? is that what i should say i want?

I can like a guy really be attracted to him, but that doesn't mean im ready for things that automatically come along with that for a lot of people. I prefer to build friendship first. but unfortunately you can't really talk about thgat without it seem, ing too intense, but if you dont explain its rejection.

id say friends with potential, but john cussack beat me to it.

'Id like to start with friendship and see how it goes'?


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  • well... a date means spending quality time with someone who you are interested at to increase your intimacy , what that means would depend on what is your perception of quality time.
    i would say that definitely say yes if you want to go on a date and then choose what it will that date be.


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