How do I help Emma be less desperate, and find a guy

Alright, me and my friends have been trying to help out a friend of ours will call Emma. So anyway my best friend who will call Chris had liked Emma for a while so he finally asked her out. Well Emma said yes and then said no. The problem is is that Emma rejected Chris for god knows why and is trying online dating. Now this is where it gets bad. Emma is disabled (she has a problem with her hand), and well she's 23 years old and desperate. She had tried online dating before and the guy who she met online came up to our school and tried to look for her, and while they hung out a bit, when she said she had to leave, he walked around campus, and then went to her dorm to find out where she lived. YIKES! well anyway after Emma dumped Chris, she's trying online dating, and the guy she found is another creep ! he won't share his last name, he like guns and hunting, and usually whispers to talk. Anyway my main question is, how do I help Emma be less desperate, and find a guy. I know its hard because she's disabled, but were in college, and shouldn't there be someone who'd be good enough for her. It just seems like she's heading for trouble again.


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  • it sounds like she likes trouble...I mean to be honest online dating is all crap (excuse my language). but normally the creeps who CANNOT find a date in real world, go to the online websites hunting for mate. why? cause they can LIE about their creepiness and hide it till they see the girl, and BAM! they haunt the girl (or even the guy)...

    so anyway. main point. tell her (if u're a close friend or something) that this is the case with online dating, that might disgust her. and honestly, I don't think a guy, nor a girl, like a desparate partner anyway.

    so tell her about all these views...good luck

    • It's hard though I mean some people have suggested I go out with her and I don' t want (not because she's disabled, but just don't like her), but so many people see her disability and just go Echh!! unfortunately. Also it doesn't help she's kind of becoming less social. I mean when my best friend asked her out, and hte next day rejected him, she said he went "too fast" when he didn't even really do anything with her other than ask her out. I don't know if she'll listen to reason

    • Hmm...that is a tough situation. you asking her out would not solve anything. and please don't get yourself into that. it makes things worse. but you can show her with words that she's not on the right path. like next time she talks about ONLINE dates, just as a joke mention the creeps and freaks that came into her life in the past. Sarcasm might not look good, but in the long run, it effects well (sometimes)

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  • Some people simply don't want to change. Emma sounds like the kind of girl who's spent an entire lifetime of hearing what she can't do due to her hand condition that choosing a guy to date via the internet feels like she's got control.

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